Who is Taste Mauritius?

Selina Periampillai, aka Taste Mauritius, is a passionate and self-taught cook who specialises in the exotic and tantalising flavours of Mauritian cuisine. Inspired by her Mauritian heritage and the moreish home cooking of her parents and family, Selina specialises in creating enticing dishes with a uniquely ‘tropical’ flair.

With her inherent love of tramping the streets of London in search of good authentic foods, it became obvious very quickly that there were limited places to find fabulous home-cooked Mauritian food. More so, many people were not aware of the cuisine. Fuelled by this and her creative passion for cooking, she has made it her goal to share the amazing flavours of this tiny island; where people can enjoy a tasty meal, watch some Sega dancing, drink good rum and even learn how to make a Dhall Puri or two!

Selina hosts supperclubs in Croydon, the ‘home’ and humble beginnings of Taste Mauritius/Yummy Choo since 2012. She also holds a variety of Pop up events in and around London, previous successes have included; Oliver Peyton’s ‘Friday Night Socials’ at the National Cafe in The National Gallery, Bedford & Strand, Hilton Mayfair, Clifton Nurseries, including successful Mauritian Rum Tasting & Food Experiences. She also offers private catering, caters for corporate events and offers cookery classes across London.

She is also the ‘go to’ page for Mauritian inspired recipes and food reviews with her work being featured in The Guardian Cook Supplement, The London Epicurean Magazine, Croydon Advertiser, Good Food Guide, Good Taste Magazine, Delicious, Your Source Today, Food Network and Berkeley Magazine.

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What is Mauritian Cuisine?

Mauritius is often thought of as that remote, idyllic island surrounded by white beaches and turquoise seas. And you wouldn’t be far wrong. Yet as many realise once they visit, it offers so much more. Mauritius is a place to enjoy a mix of exotic flavours in the cuisine, the intoxicating and rhythmic beats of its music and the vibrant and warm company of its local communities.

Part of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, just Southeast of Madagascar. Discovered by the Portuguese in 1507, they found no indigenous people living there and resided on the island until abandoning it in 1710. Since then it has been occupied by the French and British, and also saw the arrival of Indian workers and Chinese migrants, before it gained its independence in 1968. With such a small history span, this island fast became a melting pot of immigrants who together have built a home and identity based on shared music, language, traditions and of course, cuisine.

It’s not surprising therefore that Mauritian food; one of the great Creole cuisines is an exciting blend of African, Chinese, French and Indian influences. You may find Indian curries and pickles cooked alongside European Daubes, Chinese stir-fried noodles; all adapted to the more exotic ingredients of the island therefore creating uniquely flavourful and tropical dishes.

With Taste Mauritius, Selina will take you on a journey which celebrates the spirit of Mauritius through its food.

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